Mille Miglia

The 1000 Miles Race

What is the Mille Miglia? The Mille Miglia, or 1000 miles, is the oldest and most prestigious open-road motor car race in the world. Beginning in 1927, the race occurred 24 times until the year 1957 when a fatal crash ended the race. In the mid-1980’s a revival of the Mille Miglia surfaced as a time trial for classic and vintage cars. All cars that participate in the race were manufactured no later than 1957. Mille Miglia Today The present-day Mille Miglia is 1000 miles long and more or less maintains the same route as the original race. The route begins in Brescia and goes as far south as Rome before going back up to northern Italy. Cars receive stamps in each town they pass through, the trick is, they have to get to each town in a very specific time frame. If they do not arrive in time, points are deducted from their score. During the race, each car is also required to perform a variety of detailed timing sequences. Depending on how the car performs the team either loses or gains points. Mille and Michael This 4-day event is huge in Europe and is the 2nd most spectated event in the world. Michael has participated in this event 11 times, 7 times as a competitor. The last 4 times he has been a member of the team that supports the driver, navigator, and car throughout the race. Michael is a member of Scuderia SPORTS, an international historic racing team. They have had 8 top three finishers in the Mille Miglia since their establishment in 2009. Mille 2018 Since driving and navigating in the Mille Migle, Michael now assists the team’s participants with many issues that arise over the 4 days they are driving through Italy. However, the most important role he plays on the team is the role of the mechanic. Michael travels with other team members along the 1000 miles route to make sure the vintage and classic cars are running perfectly. ┬áHis acute knowledge of automobiles of all kinds makes him an asset on the Scuderia SPORTS team. The work Michael does on the cars at Mille Miglia and his involvement with Scuderia SPORTS not only benefits the racing industry but you too! From vintage and classic cars to regular contemporary cars – its all about knowing the car.